Entrepreneuriat en Tunisie

Tunis, November 13, 2023 - During the Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 13 to 17, 2023), the Task Force for Entrepreneurship and SMSEs for employment impacts in North Africa, of the African Development Bank, on Monday, November 13, 2023, in Tunis, organized a consultation workshop for the launch of the study "Entrepreneurial Profile of Tunisia".

This working group was set up by the African Development Bank, through is EInA initiative ('Entrepreneurship and Advice - North Africa), and the European Bank for Recontruction and Development (EBRD).

The workshop was officially opened on the national side by Mr. Abdelkader Jemmali, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, in charge of the Ministry.

"We expect the reality on the ground to guide action at both political and partner levels. The originality of this survey, already carried out by the African Development Bank via EInA in Morocco, is to unveil information on the characteristics and constraints of entrepreneurs, including those borne by women, to guide a tailor-made response", said Ms. Malinne Blomberg, the African Development Bank's Deputy Managing Director for North Africa, in her opening address.

"Existing survey data shows that there is huge entrepreneurial potential in Tunisia. The perceived business opportunities are manifold, but there are factors holding back small businesses. The aim of this survey is to understand how to unlock the country's entrepreneurial potential and inform policy choices to support SME development in Tunisia", said Mr. Richard Jones, Director, SME Finance and Development, Southern and Eastern Mediterranean at the EBRD.

The interest of this study lies in the fact that Tunisia has set itself the objective of creating enough quality jobs to reduce socio-economic disparities between regions and different categories of the population. Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) currently account for around 70% of employment in Tunisia, and their development therefore represents a significant potential for job creation.

The aim of the workshop is to consult stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem on the strategic priorities that should be addressed by the "Entrepreneurial Profile of Tunisia" study.

The study is based on an in-depth survey of Tunisia's entrepreneurial profile, representative of the labor market and the specifics of entrepreneurship: potential or established entrepreneurship; geographical distribution; gender; constraints experienced by entrepreneurs; specific needs. The study will integrate unique information on intrinsic capabilities and their role in the entrepreneurial journey.

The recommendations that will emerge from this study are intended to feed into public policies and programs, as well as partner operations in support of entrepreneurship and the development of MSME, with a view to sustainable job creation.



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