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The study from the African Development Bank Group  titled Entrepreneurship in Egypt case study: Policy Recommendations to Reverse Establishment of Startups Outside Egypt presents an in-depth examination of the challenges and opportunities that shape the entrepreneurial landscape in Egypt.

Centered on Egypt's startup ecosystem, the report provides detailed case studies. Through a meticulous analysis of startup dynamics, the study critically assesses existing policies and puts forth strategic recommendations aimed at creating a more conducive environment for entrepreneurship. It systematically reviews key laws, encompassing company, investment, capital markets, and MSME regulations, underscoring the gaps that need attention in supporting startup requirements.

The recommendations outlined in the report advocate for a comprehensive review by relevant authorities such as General Authority for Investment and Free Zones and Financial Regulatory Authority. This process aims to establish matrices that clarify the legality of startup concepts and related legal rules.

For an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities discussed, we invite you to explore the complete report below.