The Assiut University ITTU acts as a Center for Entrepreneurship working to catalyze and capitalize on youth in upper Egypt and raise their awareness about entrepreneurship. Assiut University ITTU has two main programs; an Incubator called Hemma, and a summit called S3edy (se’edy) startup. The annual summit takes place in upper Egypt and invites and sponsors key players of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cairo to visit the summit for speaking events and capacity building.

ITTU objectives comprise of raising awareness and encouraging youth towards Entrepreneurship. It also encourages the increase of investment opportunities in upper Egypt through capturing startup success stories from this region as well as nationalizing tech opportunities there. The ITTU has concluded by the end of 2021 three summits with 114 organizations, 72 workshops, 88 speakers, and 6,127 visitors.

شارع المكتبات، El Fateh, Assiut University,

Assiut Governorate 71111, Egypt

+20 1555742941